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Friday, October 7, 2011

1st Week In Paraguay

Well I made it the first week. So much has already happened I´m not sure where to start. This is my life so far...I live in small community outside of Asuncion called Ita Ybate with Francisco and Nilda Cardozo Reinoso. They are pretty much awesome and are taking great care of me. Nilda is a general clothing maker who works for a company that sells party supplies and Francisco is a bus driver who I am pretty sure does long distance bus trips on the weekend. Nilda is an awesome cook I am learnimg about Paraguay pretty much through my stomach. We have chickens, the dog simon, a big garden with banana, mango, and lemon trees with tons of herbs and vegatables. In many ways the beginning of training is like being in elementary school again. I wake up everyday around 6:15 eat the breakfast mom makes, grab my sacked lunch, wait for the bus, go to school all day, compare what I have for lunch with my classmates, ride the bus home, eat dinner, do homework, and go to bed.

Not a bad life so far. I have met a lot of Paraguayn families and they are very kind and interested mostly in learing about me and teaching me about the culture. My spanish is suprisingly awesome. I can pretty much say everything I need to with poor grammar, but still pretty effective. Guarani on the other hand is a learning process. Gramatically it is a pretty simple language that utilizes a lot of spanish words in the colloquial which is known as yopara.This wekend I am not sure what I will get up too, but probably some soccer with kids in the town I live in, and probably watching the World Cup Qualifying match between Paraguay and Peru tonight.

I´d love to elaborate more, but I don´t have a ton of time before the bus leaves me behind. Until next time Adios.

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