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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Site Assignment

Well the day of my future site assignment became a reality yesterday when I was told that I will be living in a barrio of Juan E. O´Leary a large town by Paraguayan standards of 3,000. It is located roughly 248 miles East of Asuncion and 78 miles from Cuidad del Este the 2nd biggest city in Paraguay. Emotions are running high because tomorrow we will be meeting our initial community contacts, traveling to our sites with the contact, and spending 5 days essentially learning the ropes of our new homes. If for some reason someone doesn´t show up to meet us we go anyway and essentially wing it and try our luck to find someone.

I know little about the community outside of a few sheets of paper and the request forms that they filled out to be a site that Peace Corps would consider placing a volunteer in. All I know is that there are some minor European influences, some people speak limited Portuguese, and that my projects are almost abstract as the concept of environmental education.My attitude at this point is to just go balls to the wall and meet as many people as I can to get a stronger sense of what kinds of opportunities exist within the community.

Thanksgiving is going to be at the house of the new US Ambassador to Paraguay. I am pretty jacked about that right now especially at the opportunity to swim in a pool and not sweat my ass off quite so much for a day.

Love to hear from everyone and again Internet access will be more readily available soon.

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